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Sustainable Packaging

February 23, 2015  |  No Comments  |  by admin  |  Blog

Today the demands on packaging are greater than ever. As the world population continues to grow, the packaging industry must react to new issues that often were never even considered in the past. Concerns such as the energy required producing and transporting packaging and the pollution created during packaging manufacturing. Economic pressures and government policies impacts every aspect of a package, from the source of its raw materials to being disposed of.

There is no such thing today as a complete sustainable package. Packaging materials cannot be classified as good or bad. Each has its advantages and shortcomings.  For example bulk packaging may seem more sustainable alternative than single serve packages but single serve may prove a more environmentally friendly if it insures product consumption.

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is” can changes be made to use less material without compromising product integrity?

Look for packaging strategies that can help reduce packaging material waste.

  • Shrink-wrap packages without trays or pads
  • Reuse pallet materials
  • Reuse trays or cases
  • Recycle corrugate and film

When considering sustainable packaging, Corporate Packaging, Inc. can help your  business create unsupported packages without the cash outlay for new production lines. Our various equipment and multi production lines give you many options including recycling of materials.  Corporate Packaging, Inc.’s dependability and experience over the past 20 years in producing quality Call us 714-522-2333

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