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Corporate Packaging Inc specializes in a large selection of contract packaging and promotional packaging services for both the club stores and retail markets. Whatever your packaging needs are, Corporate Packaging & Promotions is able to handle them. Read more...


  • Shrink Wrapping

    Shrink-wrap is applied over items by automated equipment. It is then sent through a heat tunnel shrinking. Shrink-wrap is commonly used as an overwrap on many types of packaging. Products may be enclosed in shrink-wrap to stabilize the products, unitize them, keep them clean or add tamper resistance.

    For your shrink-wrapping needs, we have semi-automatic and high-speed fully automatic wrappers.

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  • Bundling

    The term is bundle wrapping. Also known as bulls eye packaging. Simply, it entails packaging multiple product units into combination, variety, or rainbow packs in film that is thicker and stronger than for other types of film-wrapped packages. Consumers can carry these heavier-duty packs without the risk of them breaking because of the product’s weight.

    For your bundling needs, Corporate Packaging Inc has multiple high-speed fully automatic wrappers. We can provide supported, unsupported and Print regististerd packages.
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  • Assembly

    An Assembly line is a manufacturing process in which items are added in a sequential manner using optimally planned logistics to create a finished product in mass production. This is the catalyst which initiated the modern consumer culture by making it possible to have low unit cost for manufactured goods. Such finished goods can be used in retail and club store markets.

    Assembly is often times combined with shrink-wrapping or bundle- wrapping product.

    For your Assembly needs Corporate Packaging Inc has trained employees with over 20 years experience.

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  • Pallet Displays

    Pallet Displays

    A manufacturer’s display unit that is shipped to a retailer on a pallet, which when placed on a sales floor serves as a free-standing, advertising display that saves time and labor.

    Corporate Packaging can Assemble, mix and palletize your product for customer awareness at the retail level.

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  • Shrink Sleeves

    Used in label printing, shrink sleeves are sleeve like labels that are made from shrink film. The sleeve can cover the entire container or just a portion of it.

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  • Quality Sorts – inspecting / recoup

    Improving quality is one of the biggest factors of total quality management. When businesses can find ways to meet the customer quality standards they are able to save money and reduce waste. Many times quality issues are found on the manufactures production line and a full sort is required to separate good product from bad product. Our employees have over 20 years’ experience finding defects.

    Corporate Packaging Inc. works closely with QC departments to use company guidelines to sort, find, and report issues.

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  • Stickering/Labeling

    Stickering can be applied for many reasons some include: Changing product description, changing UPC, changing ingredients, labeling, adding bar codes, attaching brochures or coupons and some just for security.

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  • On Packing

    • Create in-store attention value.
    • Stimulate impulse purchases
    • Implement Joint promotions
    • Provide detailed product information
    • Distinguish your brand from the competitors
    • Stimulate interaction with consumers
    • Introduce test packaging of new products

    On packing a product onto your product is one way to influence and persuade buyers to purchase your product.

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  • Warehouse and Club Markets

    Warehouse Club Packs and other custom packaging requirements pose new demands for manufacturers. Your existing production lines may not be configured to handle these challenges. In the highly competitive mega retailing and warehouse club markets, manufacturers and food processors need to partner with co-packers that can meet the high volume and variability of packaging requirements.

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  • Gift Packs

    Gift packs are a simple Customize items. This can be accomplished by custom-printed retail boxes and packaging or from the most simple and classic shapes and configuration to complex ones with multi items.

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  • Variety Packs

    Convert single flavored packs into variety or multiple flavored packs. This can be combined with shrink film on our high speed production lines. This appeals to a majority of today’s consumers since many people enjoy sampling a variety of products rather than one single brand. Numerous companies have successfully increased sales through the use of variety packs. Operational challenges with onsite packaging consistently convince companies to partner with a contract packager.

    Corporate Packaging can help you create product awareness by offering dynamic print registered capabilities and unsupported packs. We can also include a corrugated tray or just wrap multiple flavors of finished packs together.

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  • Multi Packs

    Multi packs are all about bringing together value. Convert a single item to multiple item packs. Corporate Packaging offers high- speed production lines to multi-pack your products.

    Corporate Packaging can offer product awareness by offering print registered, supported and unsupported packs. We can also include a corrugated tray. Multi-packing is ideal for the club store markets.

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  • CD and DVD Packaging Assembly

    We have the experience and well-trained labor force to assemble your media packaging. We can help you assemble, shrink, label and add security to your DVD and CD.

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  • Testimonials

    It has been my pleasure to work with Corporate Packaging to provide our mutual customers with cost effective and visually stunning packages. Corporate Packaging’s expertise in print registered shrink bundling – from their experienced staff to state of the art equipment – enables Robbie printed films to be successful in a variety of markets. Read more...
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