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Corporate Packaging Inc specializes in a large selection of contract packaging and promotional packaging services for both the club stores and retail markets. Whatever your packaging needs are, Corporate Packaging & Promotions is able to handle them. Read more...

On Packing

On Packing
Create in-store attention value

• Stimulate impulse purchases

• Implement Joint promotions

• Provide detailed product information

• Distinguish your brand from the competitors

• Stimulate interaction with consumers

Introduce test packaging of new products

On packing a product onto your product is one way to influence and persuade buyers to purchase your product.

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    It has been my pleasure to work with Corporate Packaging to provide our mutual customers with cost effective and visually stunning packages. Corporate Packaging’s expertise in print registered shrink bundling – from their experienced staff to state of the art equipment – enables Robbie printed films to be successful in a variety of markets. Read more...