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Corporate Packaging Inc specializes in a large selection of contract packaging and promotional packaging services for both the club stores and retail markets. Whatever your packaging needs are, Corporate Packaging & Promotions is able to handle them. Read more...

Contract Packaging Services

Contract Packaging

Using Corporate Packaging Inc. for your contract packaging service needs is one of the fastest ways for businesses to fill large volume orders.  Custom packaging allows you to reconfigure your product by packaging it into variety and multi packs.  The world of contract packaging is not static; it is the responsibility of businesses to keep up with the changing needs and demands of their customers.  Corporate Packaging Inc. helps many businesses do just that.

Many successful companies have found that contract packaging services help to bolster sales and profits.  By providing customers with size and packaging options, businesses are able to expand the audience for their product.  We can help create multiple package sizes and configurations without the cash outlay for new production lines.  The contract packaging service equipment and multi-production lines that we offer provide businesses with many options making us a strategic partner in delivering your product to a consumer base with wide ranging demands.

For over 20 years Corporate Packaging Inc. has been a dependable contract packager for a variety of businesses.  Whether businesses are trying to quickly fill a large volume order or create new product offerings by re-purposing and repackaging to attract a wider audience, we have the equipment, skill and experience to deliver high quality custom contract packaging services.

While investing in production lines is possible for some businesses, market demands shift so rapidly that what your customers want from you today may be very different from what your customers will want from you tomorrow.  Having a strategic partner that can keep up with the market, an already trained contract packaging expert, can be the competitive edge you need in order to stay ahead of your competition.

Corporate Packaging Inc. looks forward to the opportunity to earn your contract package service business.  Please take a moment to read some of our customers’ testimonials.  If you have any additional questions about the contract packaging services that we can provide for your business, please call us at (714) 522-2333.

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    It has been my pleasure to work with Corporate Packaging to provide our mutual customers with cost effective and visually stunning packages. Corporate Packaging’s expertise in print registered shrink bundling – from their experienced staff to state of the art equipment – enables Robbie printed films to be successful in a variety of markets. Read more...