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Why Shrink-Wrap

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Shrink wrapping keeps your products clean, crisp, and provides tamper resistance. Another benefit of shrink-wrapping is that it can accommodate just about any size or shape or package. Shrink wrap is typically less expensive than cardboard or corrugated packaging, shrink-wrapping can be used to unite, protect, and seal variety packs, club value packs, gift packs, promotions for new products, and special offers or bonus packs.

Bundle wrapping, also known as bulls-eye packaging, is one of our most popular types of shrink-wrapping. The equipment and materials used in this packaging is different than a full shrink-wrap without bulls-eyes. Bundle wrapping is used more often for heaver packages. The film is stronger and less expensive than using a full shrink wrap without bulls- eyes.

Printed films help your product stand out on the shelves or on pallet displays. It is possible that the shrink wrap design could be the advertising billboard for your product on the shelves. Whether you desire printed films with black and white logos or even four-color high impact graphics, our production department can work with your business help to make your vision a reality.

Clear film might be a economical option on smaller runs. Many times colorful trays are added for better shelf awareness.

To provide a clean look, we can create your shrink wrapped package with a tray for added stability on a pallet or unsupported without any tray or corrugate. This results in less waste and more eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. With our high speed fully automatic shrink wrapping machines, Corporate Packaging, Inc. can help you with all of your packaging requirements.

For a commitment to service that is focused on you, the customer, contact Corporate Packaging, Inc. today for a free quote on all of your product packaging needs.714-522-2333.

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